Monday, August 1, 2011

Android proguard issue - Can't read [proguard.ClassPathEntry@1a0c10f] (No such file or directory)

If you encounter the problem that can't read something when you proguard your program
as title write: Can't read [proguard.ClassPathEntry@1a0c10f] (No such file or directory)

There will be two things you have to do:

1.Download the newest ProGuard version from official website, unzip all its' file in sub-directory and replace to your-andoird-sdk\tools\proguard\

It'll appear the exactly path where you got issue.

2.Export project again,
Now it'll show the error is: Can't read [/Users/simon/Android/?q?HSDK/FET_SMarket_SDK/FET_APP_Store_SDK_2.3.0.jar] (No such file or directory)

3.When I back to that directory, ?q?HSDK isn't my directory's name, the name actually is "電信SDK".
Now, I got the answer that I can't use Chinese in my path, Otherwise I will get this problem.





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