Thursday, June 30, 2011



請參閱Android SDK文件<supports-screens>
Indicates whether the application includes resources to accommodate any screen density. Older applications (before API Level 4) are assumed unable to accomodate all densities and this is "false" by default. If the application has set either minSdkVersion or targetSdkVersion to "4" or higher, the default value for this is "true". Otherwise, it is "false". You can explicitly supply your abilities here. Based on the "standard" device screen density (medium dpi), the Android framework will scale down application assets by a factor of 0.75 (low dpi screens) or scale them up by a factor of 1.5 (high dpi screens), when you don't provide alternative resources for a specifc screen density. The screen density is expressed as dots-per-inch (dpi). Android在新開一個專案時, Manifest裡的minSdkVersion預設為2, 難怪我當時一直無法讓程式去跑drawable-hdpi解析度的drawable目錄

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